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Worship Services

Epiphany 4

Sunday 2 February 2020 - 10h30

How are our West Island clergy living on the edge?  


Epiphany 3

Living On The Edge

Sunday 26 January 2020 - 10h30

We continue to explore what it means to live on the Edge.


Epiphany 2

Living On The Edge

Sunday 19 January 2020 - 10h30

We explore our call as disciples of Jesus and look to how we can better serve our community as we live on the edge. 


Worship Services Sundays at 10h30

Fellowship following worship 

Our Mission Statement

We at Roxboro United are a diverse community of people who worship together in a safe, loving environment through our faith and compassion for others in a changing and challenging world.

Our mission is to be an Affirming Ministry which works to promote the full inclusion and participation without judgement of all people in the church and in society regardless of age, race, colour, gender identities, class, economic status, physical or mental ability and sexual orientation.